Patient Survey Results

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Recommendation & Overall Rating

Recommendation & Overall Rating - Score - 85%

Explanation: When the multidisciplinary care team is seen to work together and communicate well, patients feel they are in good hands. Patients overall experience will determine their recommendation to family, friends and community members.

Nursing Rating

Nursing - Score - 89%

Explanation: Nurses play a crucial role in providing quality care and responding to patients’ needs. When interacting with patients, nurses should be courteous and friendly, accommodate patients’ needs where possible, and keep patients informed about their treatment and care.

Doctors Rating

Doctors - Score - 93%

Explanation: When interacting with patients, Doctors should be courteous and respectful. Doctors should acknowledge patients’ fears and address their concerns, and keep them informed about their condition.

Responsiveness of Staff

Responsiveness of staff - Score - 75%

Explanation: Patients should be attended to promptly when requesting assistance via the call button. Promptly assisting patients on request is key to the quality of care and patient safety.

Pain Management

Pain Management - Score - 74%

Explanation: Patients pain management should be controlled during their stay. The prescribed pain medication should be administered timeously, as per the prescription.

Medication information

Medication information - Score - 77%

Explanation: In a hospital setting, various tests, treatments and medications form part of a patient’s overall treatment plan. The patient needs to understand the treatment plan and the medication prescribed


Environment - Score - 83%

Explanation: We aim to provide an ideal environment for nurses and other healthcare staff to deliver their care effectively. A space that is clean, comfortable and free of noise and distractions.

Discharge Information

Discharge Information - Score - 67%

Explanation: The discharge procedure is an important step in the patient’s continued care. Nurses and doctors convey important information about continuing recovery at home. This should allow patients to feel confident in their ability to resume their daily routines either on their own or with the support of a caregiver.

Kiaat Private Hospital Patient Survey Feedback

These results are calculated from patient surveys submitted from January 2022 to date. For any comments or questions, please email the Hospital Marketing Manager