Important Requirements for Pre-Admission

  • Important – Medical aid authorisation number
  • Identity document
  • Medical aid card
  • Minors (under 18 years old) should be accompanied by a legal parent or guardian

Visiting hours - Revised

Due to the presidential announcement of a nationwide lockdown, Kiaat Private Hospital will implement the following in terms of visiting hours:

      • Monday to Sunday & Public Holidays
        • 11h00 to 18h00
      • Strictly one visitor per to Non-Covid patients
      • Only 30 minutes will be allowed with the patient
      • Partner allowed to antenatal visits and birth deliveries
      • Visitors must wear masks at all times & sanitize hands regularly
      • All visitors must be cleared through hospital screening process

As an Institution, we take extreme measures seriously and the protection of our patients, staff and health professionals is of critical importance.

What to bring with you

  • Ensure to bring all the medication that you normally take with you to hospital and inform the nursing staff.
  • Relevant Radiology results (MRI/CT/X-rays).
  • Please bring your personal toiletries and clothing including sleepwear and shoes/slippers with you.
  • Our Television system makes use of headphones. Headphones are available for purchase at the hospital reception. Alternatively please provide your own.
  • If the patient makes use of adult nappies, please provide these for the duration of the hospital stay.
  • If your child is being admitted, please bring their immunisation record with.
  • If your child still wears nappies, please ensure to bring enough nappies for the duration of the admission.
  • The hospital stocks the following formulas: Isomil #1, Infacare 1&2, Pre Nan and NAN 1,2 & 3.
  • If your child is on any other formula, please bring enough formula with for the duration of the visit.

Surgery admission information


Please remove any hair extensions prior to admission, as they pose a risk of burns due the synthetic nature.

Nail Varnish

Ladies should please remove nail varnish and gel or acrylic nails prior to being admitted.

Eating & Drinking

Do not eat or drink anything from 10:00pm the night before surgery, unless your doctor has given you special instructions.


Ensure that you remove all jewellery.


Please note that theatre schedules can be effected due to an emergency and your exact operation time may change.

Additional Instructions

The surgeon may give you additional instructions to follow, please ensure to comply with these.

Surgical Procedure

Your surgeon will discuss the surgical procedure which he/she will perform. When you are admitted you will be expected to sign a form stating that you understand the surgical procedure. If you are unsure, please inquire with your doctor prior to admission.

Kindly visit the pharmacy before you leave the Hospital

It is likely that your doctor will prescribe medication for you to use at home after your admission or procedure, which we will provide for your convenience. Please note that not all medication to take home is covered under your medical aid’s hospital benefits. Therefore please ensure that you bring extra money with you when collecting your script from the pharmacy.