Mother and Child Care Unit

Delivery Rooms:

Our birthing unit offers 4 fully equipped delivery rooms. In a world where women have become accustomed to choice, Kiaat Private Hospital also offers mothers the unique experience of a natural water birth. One of our delivery rooms is fitted with a birthing bath and has all the requirements for safe and efficient water birthing.Picture12

Our Rooms:

The unit provides 14 beds consisting of 2 beds per room. Our patients may, however, request to have a private room depending on availability. Kiaat Private Hospital understands that dad is also essential in the birthing process and we, therefore, offer dads the opportunity for sleepover provided that a private room is available.

Picture13Birthing at Kiaat Private Hospital:


The hospital’s entire Maternity section, known as the Mother and Child Care Unit, is housed in one “Birthing Unit”. The Unit provides a unique clinical yet hotel like birthing experience. Our carefully designed maternity packages ensure that families receive sufficient support before, during and after the birth of their newborn. Our Mother and Child Care Unit includes a 4 bedded (with Isolation) Neonatal ICU unit that is served by a Paediatrician specializing in premature baby care. The Unit also hosts its own comfortable lounge for the waiting Dads and families to support expectant mothers.